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Do You Need Standard Photography?

Here’s the truth.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if it looks bad then no one will be interested in it. So the first step for any brand is to capture attention. Ecommerce images do just that. Professional product photography and video production conveys to your audience that you take your brand seriously. It builds trust with people quickly. In fact, people will be able to process whether they like a brand’s image in less than one second – which is the time it takes for the brain to process images.

As you can see, visual elements can make or break the sale of your products. Businesses who take the time to develop professional product photography will instantly be a step above any competitor who does not.

Next level creation focuses on capturing the essence of the product, labeling, and packaging. Our standard photography and production can be applied to nearly any situation. Some popular use cases are on websites, billboards, in-store print, magazine ads and ecommerce stores such as Amazon. Click here to talk with an Atlanta commercial photographer on our team.

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Client Questionnaire

The first step in our process is to learn your business. It is customary for all new clients to complete a questionnaire where we will gather more information about your company and products. In this phase, we will begin to evaluate your brand, competitors, and goals for your product photography. We ask for our clients to provide as much detail as possible so that we can ensure that the product shoot is successful. The more information we know upfront the better the experience will be for everyone.

Coordinating the Shoot

A big part of our product photography Atlanta services is to coordinate the shoot. We like to setup a coordination call so that we can clearly understand your vision and bring it to LYFE. We believe in having a plan and executing that plan to perfection. During this step in the process, we determine how we will receive products, which props we will need, models/actors, locations, timeline and what kind of shots we need. Coordination will vary depending on which plan you decide to choose with us.

Product Photoshoot

Once we have coordinated the shoot, then it’s time to go live. One of our Atlanta commercial photographers will begin to set up the photoshoot. We make sure that proper lighting is up, all props are prepared, models know the key shots and equipment is fully functional. Typically, for our product photography in Atlanta, there is always a primary and assistant photographer at the shoot. This helps us to ensure that every detail is captured and the timeline is strictly followed.

Editing Process

Raw images are captured during the photoshoot. Afterward, we begin to do basic editing on the raw images. Our editing abilities are endless. We have the skills to put images on different backgrounds/scenery, make images transparent, add logos and more. The extent of our editing will vary with the product photography package you have selected.

Final Product Shots

After the editing process, we deliver all the images to you in an online storage area such as Dropbox or Google Drive. You will have access to this online storage for 30 days. We recommend that you download them onto your computer or external storage for safe keeping. We do our best to maintain files from all of our photoshoots, however, we do not guarantee that we will provide any images after a 30 day period.

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