Auditel telecom expense management services


Mobile Expense Management

What are the services included with Auditel’s Mobile Expense Management?

Auditel’s mobile expenses management is a combination of mobile device management, MDM, mobility invoice auditing and bill analysis, mobile contract analysis and optimization, mobile contract compliance assessment, and wireless usage analysis.  Our mobile management will improve corporate planning and help with the tough decisions around the mobile device budget while reducing mobile cost.

What type of mobile services are audited and analyzed in mobile expense management?

Mobile voice, mobile phones, smart phones, include the mobile network (all mobile devices using wireless data) mobile datacards, connect cards, or mobile broadband modem, Wi-Fi mobility, and hotspot mobility, turbo hotspot, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, Blackberry, Android phones, wireless security alarms, Iphone, and data cards for laptops.

What are the keys to saving money on mobility invoices?

Accurate mobile inventory, mobile policy, mobile benchmarks and data reporting are the key components to the best business intelligence needed for future budgeting, forecasting, and overall mobile invoice reduction. Monthly mobile analysis and contract review must be conducted for optimum mobile management.

As your business grows, so do your mobile device expenses. The more mobile device services, mobile equipment plans and products your company uses, obviously the more mobile expense your company will incur.  Furthermore, every business needs a confirmed mobile inventory for accurate mobility records.  This can only come from a detailed mobile analysis, or as we like to call it, mobility auditing.

What costs are involved with mobile expense management?

All these services and more are included at no up-front cost to our clients. Moreover, we work based on the actual wireless savings our audits produce and our fees come from the actual mobile savings and wireless recovery (a historical recapture of funds your company already paid to Mobile Service Providers).

Our mobile savings concepts are outside the knowledge and experience of your internal Team. Many Accounts Payable and telecom managers may not even know the mobile findings we can deliver in addition to the mobile savings recovery possible. Auditel can work together with your Team for mobile expense management. Besides, our services bring maximum insight into mobile services.  Making it simple to manage the mobile environment efficiently.

We just noticed our contract had a 90 day clause in the mobile agreement that says we can’t claim anything past 90 days for recovery, is this right?

Be aware that the language of mobile contacts and wireless agreements is constantly changing. Moreover, many mobile service providers are adding legal clauses to their mobile policies and agreements that will eliminate the recovery of refunds within a certain period of time, some contracts only allow recovery if found within a period of 30 days, others give 90, or 180 days for you to file a dispute to claim mobility recovery. In fact, these clauses in your mobile agreement can remove your ability to file disputes.  This can remove your ability to recover overcharges or mistakes found in your bills that otherwise would be given back to your company (as long as you file an accurate mobility dispute). It’s significantly important to be cautious in signing any new addendums. It’s important to have all the mobile contract language reviewed to ensure your company is protected.

Mobile expense management can give more control over mobile devices

Your team can reach out to us anytime and we can give you accurate information. Why not call us today for accurate review of all your mobile contracts and let us review your legal policy. In fact, Auditel will give you advice on contract language, terms, and policies. Call us to analyze all of your services and ensure contracts are in order before mobile contract expiration, or renewal.

Mobile expense management can be used to enforce wireless company policy

It is more important now than ever before to have a telecom team that specializes in analyzing your wireless invoices monthly. Accordingly, if wireless expense and overcharges are not caught within the terms of your new wireless agreement your recovery will be reduced and some recovery claims may be denied.

Auditel Mobile Expense Management Highlights:

With our global platform and extensive knowledge of mobile technology we can help you save money, and time on your Mobile invoices monthly.  Wireless billing changes are frequent, and most employees make spur of the moment travel plans.  Explicitly making tracking their wireless bills difficult.  Mobile phone, smartphones, tablets, any wireless service with a data card must be reviewed for best mobile cost reduction. In summary, to make your employees more efficient,  give them flexibility, and you will see positive results.