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The following Auditel testimonials are from letters and notes clients submitted to Auditel as testimonials in regard to the services they received. Many of the testimonials are from clients currently using our telecom services or those who realized savings from using services like our telecom expense management services, telecom recovery services, telecom auditing services, cost reduction, service process provisioning, telecom consulting, outsourcing review, or telecom training workshops.

Auditel provides caring, customer service and support. Our team gives quality time and attention to all the telecom billing and service details before, during and after our telecom audits. We are so very thankful to have wonderful clients and we appreciate them sharing their testimonials and customer service information with us through these letters. This page includes both telecom training student interviews and telecom audit, recovery customer service information.

These Auditel testimonials give telecom training students the freedom to share their journeys throughout the telecom training workshops. Some testimonials are from our clients talking about the customer services they received from Auditel during a telecom audit. At Auditel we value our clients and especially want them to know we are thankful for their business. Customer service is key in any business and word of mouth advertising has brought Auditel many valued clients over the years.

Auditel testimonials discuss historical refunds, and savings with descriptions on how we conduct our telecom audits. Each client testimonial gives their story about the customer service they received from Auditel. They tell about how they discovered Auditel and the services we delivered to their business.

We have received many testimonials with client excitement from large telecom recovery and telecom savings. Some telecom clients write emails, and letters commenting on the customer service and large telecom savings we have provided. Some customer letters are from those who used our “go behind” audit service. These Auditel testimonials discuss the telecom recovery we located, such as items missed by other firms. We appreciate all the comments and notes from our telecom clients. Auditel works diligently to bring efficient, best in class, no risk, audit services. Auditel celebrates over 2 decades in business.  We give thanks to our clients who have kept us in business for the past 24 years!

Testimonial 1

This was not the first telecom audit the city had undertaken. A previous contracted firm was not as thorough. Auditel’s efforts saved the city thousands of dollars every month.

Testimonial 2

Pier 1 contracted with Auditel Inc. to audit the telephone invoices for our over one thousand stores nationwide. There was very little Pier 1 resources used for this project saving us time and personnel. The start-up procedure was fast. They also gave us a clean verified inventory. It was a pleasure to work with Auditel and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for telecom, wireless, data, and phone bill savings, and recovery.

Testimonial 3

We looked at several different companies to conduct training sessions, but Auditel was the best choice and I could not be more pleased with the results. The knowledge we gained from Auditel caused us to completely rethink our company policy on order placement.

Testimonial 4

The savings realized was almost immediate. The process was thorough and well communicated. Any question was answered or addressed in a turn key fashion. VGT was not Auditel’s only client, however; their dedication and focus provided a feeling they had set us above the rest. They quickly became an appendage of the company. The savings and recovery Auditel uncovered was truly amazing.

Testimonial 5

We have used Auditel’s services for the past ten years. We appreciate that you provide a steady resource to us for any issues on the telecom billing side.

Testimonial 6

Auditel customized the training and adjusted the pace so that no one was left behind. It was evident after only two days of training that the value of the training far exceeded the cost. In one week my team gained expertise they may have never acquired without the training. I could not be more pleased with the training received from Auditel.