Auditel telecom expense management services


What Can Your Company Gain by having a Telecommunication Bill Audit?

To answer the question what can your company gain from a telecommunication bill audit, we start with a valid inventory.  Building a telecom inventory is helpful to your entire team.  Making it simple to view your telecom services can by location, service type, and our audits also include contract information. Knowing the services at each location is helpful and provides the basis of telecommunication bill audit reporting. It’s important to validate all the inventory and contracts before ever cancelling or changing providers.

Barbara Clements, President of Auditel, Inc. says “Millions of dollars are lost each day in telecom billing errors and many of those are entitled to refunds. After analyzing a large newspapers telecom bills we found 52% in refunds! Another telecom savings example is from a large medical supply firm whose audit produced $2.5 million in telecom expense reduction. Your company is most certainly paying for more errors than you think. Have you ever cancelled a line and heard the disconnected tone only to find out months later that the billing never stopped? That’s why your company needs a telecommunication bill audit.  It takes the constant follow up on every telecom request to get the savings and disputes to show on client invoices.”

Furthermore, your company can gain valuable usage information from a telecommunication bill audit.  Auditel will give many months of usage for clients to review. This helps to determine the operation and use of each service.  The key to a validated telecom inventory is identifying each service and feature.

Does your company know all of their fire alarm circuits, and security lines?  If not, they will know all this and more information from our telecom bill audit.In addition your company can gain savings, recovery and security from a telecom audit.  This telecom recovery is found revenue!  This telecom recovery is obtained from filing disputes on historical phone and telecom billings. A valid telecom inventory brings peace of mind. Auditel delivers much more than an ordinary telecommunication bill audit.  We bring customer satisfaction, security, and the highest telecom recovery and savings. The added benefit is that our services are contingency based with no investment required.