Unique because it is the largest peel type rivet available. PANEL-RIV™ are set by the mandrel head splitting the rivet body into 4 legs which curl over onto the blind side of the assembly. The split tail formation makes this peel rivet suitable for joining softer materials such as plastics, laminates & FRP,and with the wide spread, makes it more tolerant for oversized holes.

PANEL-RIV™ saves time and money by eliminating the need for steel backing plates on FRP panels & when riveting into plastics, they offer an economical alternative to less efficient methods such as using standard blind rivets with back-up washers. Widely used in the assembly of caravans, trailers. furniture, plastic-framed windows or any products involving joining of soft or friable materials, PANEL-RIV™ provide the widest grip range available for any peel type rivet on the market – up to 86mm.

All dimensions are in millimeters

Part No. Rivet Ø Hole Ø Grip Range D k L
Shear strength
Tensile strength
PR65100D 6.5 6.8 – 7.0 9.0 – 10.0 12.0 1.8 25.0 250 320
PR65150D 9.0 – 15.0 30.0
PR65230D 9.0 – 23.0 38.0
PR65350D 15.0 – 35.0 51.0
PR65610D 35.0 – 61.0 76.0
PR65860D 60.0 – 86.0 102.0
BODY MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy (AIMg 3.0 – 5.0)
  • Low Carbon Steel