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Why is Hype Different to other bands?

Hype has been working together as a band for over 4 years performing over 100 corporate events / weddings / venues each year. We don’t use random session musicians – were a well-rehearsed band collectively we have over 50 years of experience together.


We provide a high quality PA system suitable for up to 250-300 people consisting of 2 x 1000 Watt EV speakers, 1 x 1000 QSC K12 Speakers, 1 x 1400 Watt Sub, A High quality Yamaha Mixing desk and a microphone for you to use for your speeches. We also own 2 complete PA systems which allows us to set up in 2 spaces (for example your ceremony and your reception). For larger events 300+ pax, we do require additional sound support “production” to be supplied We can arrange this ourselves or your welcome to supply this.

Set up and pack up

Hype set up prior to your wedding commencing and do not pack up until the end of the event. This will require us to have access prior to the event commencing which you will need to organise with your venue. We feel it is unprofessional to pack up part way through the night in front of your guests.

Song Requests

Hype agree to learn one song free of charge for your wedding. This is typically the bride and grooms first dance song. Occasionally we are requested songs that does not suit our vocal range/style so it is best to double check with us prior to booking although it is rare that we will not be able to learn your request.

Performance Length

We provide up to 3 hours of performance time (not including our breaks) that you are free to spread across the length of your function as you wish. This is typically divided into 3 x 1 hour sets or 4 x 45 minute sets. You are also welcome to specify if you would like dinner music sets, up beat dance sets or our most common option, a combination of both.

No power available?

Are you getting married on a beach or at a location that has is no power available? We have access to battery powered PA options that allow your ceremony to be heard by your guests no matter where the venue is! Our battery PA solutions allow us to use the same speakers we use in venues at your wedding allowing clear sound that will add to the intimacy of your ceremony

Do you provide all day entertainment packages?

Hype Band are so versatile that we can offer our Acoustic Duo for your Ceremony (your choice of male or female vocals. Following with either a Duo or Trio for your Canapés – then into Party Mode for your Reception with our 4 piece Band. “Remember you can mix and match our lineups depending on your size event or wedding” Feel free to contact us for a chat should you need help deciding.

Will you require a DJ as well?

In most cases no. We download and cue the entrance music for the bridal party into the reception as well as songs for the special events during the night such as the cutting of the cake, bouquet toss etc. We also provide music for during our breaks and if you like you are welcome to provide this music yourself on a laptop/iPad and we will play it through the PA for you.

Do you Travel for Events?

Yes, Hype are definitely able to travel. We are Sydney Based Band, but can attend weddings or events anywhere in the world.

What are your booking fees?

As each event is unique with start times, location, band lineup we don’t list our fees on our site. Pricing depends on the number of musicians you book, the length of time we play, and the location of your wedding. Get in touch today for a tailored quote for your next event. – as an added bonus – we do allow our clients to make payments towards their bookings rather than lump sums – to make booking us even easier & more manageable for you.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

We require a 20% deposit from you as we will then hold the date from other clients.. Your deposit is a security bond for us to take that date off our calendar from other bookings. Deposits Paid are Non-Refundable.


As one of the most in demand wedding bands in the Sydney area, we’re booked out up to 12 – 15 months in advance. Please Note: we don’t lock in bookings greater than 15 months in advance.

Can we see your perform live prior to booking?

Absolutely – please ask us for our upcoming public performance dates so you can come and listen to us live, before making your final decision. If you do come along, please be sure to come have a chat to us about your wedding or event.

Do we need to provide food and drink for the band members?

Food and non-alcoholic drinks are always appreciated. For reception bookings in excess of two hours, it’s industry-standard to provide a “crew meal” for each musician, plus access to non-alcoholic beverages. Please check with your reception venue, because crew meals are typically charged at a reduced rate.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we do. Some venues require a copy of our certificate of currency, which we supply on request.

Have some questions? Get in touch.