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Nuwa Care is worldwide Pharmaceutical Distributor of all sort of OTC, Vitamins, Generic prescription medication certified by the FDA and Health Canada.

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Our Philosophy : Respect the body’s metabolism. Our approach is based on a scientific and ethically sound health based design. Scientific experts all agree in recognizing a very strong link between perple’s lifestyle & their health. Our vocation is to act on nutritional deficits associated with our lifestyle and naturally restore balance to the body through supplementation rich in essential nutrients.

Company Overview

My story began almost 12 years ago while studying Biotechnology and Genetics at the University of Copenhagen. During my time there I travelled across Africa working on projects to help increase the lifespan of people in the Zulu region, that were suffering from AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Most of my time was spent in mobile clinics implementing mainstream medicine. I saw how the drugs we were providing, in fact, contributed to the worsening conditions of the patients; sometimes the drugs we would prescribe for other health problems and illnesses appeared to give side effects that helped AIDS in its development.

Company Value & Goals
  • Wellness Activities
  • High Quality
  • Innovation
  • Natural
  • Sustainable

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