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Excel to Tally Import Utility Made Easy with EasyReports


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Daily Sales Report in Tally


Some sample reports available with EasyReports are shown below to highlight the possibilities for your business.
With quick customization and deployment we can help automate your reports rapidly


  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales Report

  • Salesperson and Manager wise

  • Track location, area, channel, segment

  • Product and Customer Rankings

  • Contribution Analysis

  • Growth

  • Target vs Actual

  • Pending Orders

Sales Dashboard
Debtors Report


  • Ageing Analysis – Standard and FIFO

  • Outstanding by Area, Region, Salesperson, Manager

  • Credit Analysis Report

  • Average Payment Days

  • Debtors Turnover

  • Debtors Cash Flow Forecast

Purchase & Creditors

  • Item sourcing reports

  • Purchasing and rate history

  • Pending Orders

  • Payment Due and Cash Flow Forecast

Purchase and Creditors Report
Cost centre Report

Cost Centre

  • Expense Analysis

  • Monthly, quarterly, annual expense reports

  • Budget vs Actuals

  • Expense Allocations


  • Fund Position

  • Cash Flow Forecast

  • Working Capital Position

  • Loans Outstanding

  • Profitability

Finance Report
Inventory Movement Report


  • Inventory Ageing

  • Notional Interest on Ageing

  • Inventory Movement

  • Reorder Level

  • Inventory Forecast

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