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Tally FIFO Ageing and Stock Ageing Analysis in Tally ERP9 - Easy Reports

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FIFO Ageing Analysis in Tally ERP 9


  • Pivot style reporting for quick analysis of your data

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Time Comparative Reports

  • Top, Bottom, Ranking and Contribution Analysis

  • Custom filters on multiple fields and values with save

  • Highlight exceptions with custom formatting

  • Key Performance Indicators

Tally Financial Report
Tally Customer Dashboard


  • Charts, Graphs, Gauges and more

  • Drill-down and drill up

  • Custom filters on multiple fields and values

  • Single screen overviews with multiple data points

Create your own reports

  • Drag and drop functionality for quick report customization

  • Create your own reports in minutes

  • Save and retrieve layouts and reports for later use

  • Define calculated and custom fields

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