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How Integration of EasyReports BI Tool with Tally Helps eCommerce Businesses? - EasyReports

How Integration of EasyReports BI Tool with Tally Helps eCommerce Businesses?

//How Integration of EasyReports BI Tool with Tally Helps eCommerce Businesses?

How Integration of EasyReports BI Tool with Tally Helps eCommerce Businesses?

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds manual works have taken a backseat whether it be at home or in office. For this reason, there is a rise of a whopping number of small scale businesses or start-ups as technology has made things not just simple but cheap too. Technology has helped businesses to work smoothly and effectively in an organized manner for the desired results.

In case of an eCommerce business, a lot has to be done not just in keeping a record of the stock of goods and maintaining it but also preparing a Tally MIS report on it. A lot of hard work and time goes into the making of a report with desired data that too without any customized results. If this widely used business software is integrated with the Business Intelligence tool, it can produce dynamic reporting results. EasyReports is such a BI tool that can be integrated with Tally.ERP 9 to get accurate automated reports.

Here are the ways in which EasyReports can help eCommerce businesses with the reporting work.

Easily imports Tally data – Tally is used to cater to the accounting, inventory and financial needs of an eCommerce business. In order to take effective decisions and operate the business smoothly, an organization needs data like inventory records, creditors and debtors list, financial transactions, sales records, purchase records, taxation details, and much more. EasyReports takes data from Tally to produce customized reports which helps in better decision making.

Eliminates the risk of manual errors – EasyReports helps in generating automated customized reports without the risk of mistakes. Thus, EasyReports BI software boosts productivity and provides accurate data for taking best business decisions.

Easily monitors the inventory flow – An eCommerce business needs to maintain and keep a record of stock, sales, and other business related activities. The features of EasyReports’s help in getting custom data as per your business needs like most selling item, least selling item, and others on the basis of area, region or city. It also compares the revenue earned from a particular product from a particular location within a specified time-frame. Hence, an entrepreneur can track the growth and fall of the sale of their business products. Inventory stock can be managed with respect to amount of stock sold out and remaining stock of goods. Hence your business decisions will never be affected due to lack of stock information.

To remain ahead of the competition, eCommerce businesses are now extensively using BI tool. This Business Intelligence tool helps in easy import of Tally data thus helping entrepreneurs to analyse their business performance and consequently take the necessary business actions.

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