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Using Inactive Customers Report to drive Sales Growth

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Using Inactive Customers Report to drive Sales Growth

Reports are an effective tool that helps in analyzing and interpreting any given situation and reach out for some solution that might mitigate a problem, if any. Increasing sales in an existing market or rather, you can put it in this way “ready market” is one of the easiest strategies for the growth of a business. And, it is even easier to sell new products to existing customers.

But, it is difficult to generate revenue for your organization from inactive customers. Inactive customers are people who have either purchased your product or availed your services only once or twice. Or they have stopped purchasing your product or availing your services after a span of time.

But, before that you need to answer a few questions to yourself.

  • Is the product making the customers work easy?
  • Are you able to conduct a post-sale relationship with your customer?
  • Are you losing your customers?
  • Is there a miscommunication from the companies end?

Finding your inactive customers can be a hectic job for you. EasyReports makes your work even easier. EasyReports is reporting tool that brings forth the required reports for your active and inactive customers over a period of time.

Let us understand this concept of how to drive your Sales growth using inactive customer report through an example.

Suppose there are 4 customers whose billings have been listed below:

From the above table, we can analyze that as to when each of the customers last sales date. Also, conclusions can be drawn and henceforth, strategies can be planned based on this data with regards how to approach the customers so that these inactive customers can be billed again.Tally software serves as a foundation where all purchase and sales data are incorporated against each salesperson. As we all know that any software has certain limitations with regards to their scope of work.

As we can see that, Customer A and Customer B, has 1 to 2 months of unbilled situation, which is quite fine. But, in case of Customer C and Customer D, the situation is quite alarming.

EasyReports comes handy and with special customized mechanism that will generate reports as per the convenience of its users that shares logic of filter panel functionality, wherein the management can easily keep track of the sales and transactions in any particular department or the overall organizations.

EasyReports Active Inactive report

EasyReports Active Inactive Report

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