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How to Get Salesperson Target vs. Actual in Tally.ERP9 - EasyReports

How to Get Salesperson Target vs. Actual in Tally.ERP9

///How to Get Salesperson Target vs. Actual in Tally.ERP9

How to Get Salesperson Target vs. Actual in Tally.ERP9

For each and every organization, whether it is big or small, Sales play a pivotal role. It is the blood line of any business organization. Sales people make up one of the biggest segments of the workforce.

Let us understand this scenario with the help of an example. Amanufacturing and E-trading company starts off with good business over the year. It is a product based organization selling various versions of different kinds of items grouped under different heads. After a year or so, they plan to induct few more salesperson to generate more revenue across various dimensions likezones, channels, areas,regions and segmentsas well as develop the organizations for the better.

So when you are recruiting new Sales people for growing your business, you might have thought over something. Yes, you got it right!! I am talking in terms of numbers. They must be working based on a target that increases on a monthly basis. The sales people should gather the knowledge to understand the requirement of the business to drive sales growth and efficiency.

Target vs. Actual

Taking the scenario forward, the company hires 5 experienced sales people namely, Ramesh, Vijay, Naresh, Sushant and Vicky. The company has its branches in across all the regions of the country. Ramesh oversees the Eastern region and Vijay looks after the North. Naresh supervises the Central region whereas Sushant manages the South. And, finally, Vicky administers the Western region.

Below given is a chart that will provide you with a snapshot of the same.

Name of the Sales Person Zones they work for
Ramesh East
Vijay North
Naresh Central
Sushant South
Vicky West


The company started its operations from the year 2015. Before the 5 experienced sales person were hired in 2017, the annual total sales of the company in the previous financial year i.e. 2017-18was around 10 crores.

In 2018-2019, the company projected an annual turnover of 14 crores. And, in order to achieve the desired target, deployed these 5 experienced sales people in 5 different zones of the country. The management of the company calculated that each one of the 5 people can achieve average of 2.5 to 3 crores in their respective zones.

But on the other hand, the projected target could not be achieved. Individually, even the 5experienced sales people could generate average turnover of only 2.5crore each. Thus, resulting in rupees 12.5 crores only.

Below provided is a chart that will provide you with a snapshot of the same.

Sales Person Zones Target Actual
Ramesh East 2.5 2.1
Vijay North 3 1.8
Naresh Central 2.5 3.1
Sushant South 3 3.2
Vicky West 3 2.3


The Process

Here are the steps to create the Actual value vs. Target value chart in an Excel sheet:

Step 1: Select the data for target and actual values with respect to the sales person and their respective zones.

Step 2: Click on the Insert tab.

Step 3: Under the “Charts” section, select column, line or bar chart.

Step 4: Choose a chart format whether “2-D”, “3-D”, “Cone”,“Pyramid” or “Cylinder”

Obtaining the Data from Tally.ERP9

There is no direct way that a salesperson data can be obtained from Tally.ERP9 or any of its previous versions. Actual sales data can be obtained from Tally whereas the planning department sends in the target data whether monthly or quarterly in an Excel document. This is the sole reason why users need to use EasyReports. At EasyReports, we upload the salesperson wise target data through excel to SQL database using a product called Tally Connector and generate the Actual vs. Target report to our clients.

Moreover, the target vs. actual can be emailed to salesperson on a regular basis to help them understand their performance and take required steps to achieve their targets.

Salesperson wise zone wise

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