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February 2018 - EasyReports

Monthly Archives: February 2018


EasyReports (Orchid Technical Consultancy) gets the CIO review award

As more and more enterprises are looking forward to make their accounting related tasks simpler, BI tools with several features and functions are being introduced for big as well as small enterprises. With the help of these tools, organizations can easily set realistic business goals and achieve them. Many business enterprises are now adopting BI [...]

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Daily Sales Reporting for Tally.ERP9 in EasyReports

For any organization, be it big or small, it is important to get reports effortlessly whenever required. Though Tally can help a lot in accounting related tasks, report making and that too in your defined format is not its forte. For that, you might need a BI tool that can help generate quick MIS reports [...]

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How to Plan a Reporting and MIS Automation Project

EasyReports is a wonderful tool that can help you in all your accounts related activities. If you have a licensed tally installed in your system, you can use this Business Intelligence (BI) tool for reporting and MIS automation related purposes. BI tool, along with tally integration, can help ease all the account related tasks for [...]

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How to implement BI with Tally Integration

Tally is one of the best accounting solutions for many big enterprises as well as many small and medium scale enterprises. Tally has been helping many businesses across the globe by helping them in managing debit/credits, inventory and expenditures. However, if you want to use tally for analyzing data and prepare reports, you need a [...]

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Top 5 reasons to implement a BI tool

Business Intelligence tool, also known as BI tool, helps in generating precise tally reports (once integrated with Tally ) that can help in making insightful and quick decisions for the benefit of an organization. It includes pictorial representation of analytics, data mining, spreadsheets, decision engineering, and so on. Most of the tools are single tools [...]

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