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Salesperson wise reports in Tally.ERP9 - EasyReports

Salesperson wise reports in Tally.ERP9

//Salesperson wise reports in Tally.ERP9

Salesperson wise reports in Tally.ERP9

Tally.ERP9 is one of the leading accounting and business management applications in India and overseas. It covers amongst other things complete sales cycle management in terms of booking of sales orders, creating delivery notes or challans and finally creating the sales invoice.

One of the major requirements of any organization having a sales team is to track performance of the sales team in terms of the enquiries, sales orders due, sales invoices and outstanding. Tally does not provide salesperson tracking out of the box but there are various ways in which an organization can achieve salesperson wise tracking in Tally.ERP9.

Typical scenario for salesperson management would include:

  • Masters:
    • Maintaining the salesperson master
    • Entering the salesperson in the customer master – this is default salesperson tagged to the customer
  • Transactions:
    • Defaulting the salesperson from the customer master into sales transactions – this may be changeable or non-changeable
  • Reporting:
    • Sales Reports
    • Outstanding Reports


One of the most common ways to create a salesperson master in Tally would be to create a cost category called “Salespersons” and create the required masters under it. In Tally it is also possible to create this as a hierarchy.

The salesperson assignment in the customer master has to be done through a TDL customization wherein the cost centres so created above would be selected in the customer.

In such scenarios it also common to use Manager or other fields in the customer master for reporting purposes such as region, channel, segment, area, route, etc. as per the requirements of the business.


In the transaction there is no standard way to capture the salesperson tagged in the customer master to the transaction. The practice is to use customization through TDL where the field is exposed in the sales transaction and the user may be allowed to change the salesperson if the business rules require such changes.


The reporting on the fields customized would also need to be customized. However, this generally presents a problem with respect to the speed of performance and the options available in the report to generate different kinds of analysis such as hierarchal reports, time based analysis such as monthly, quarterly, annual, comparative analysis, etc. This would all need to be made as different reports which would make the cost of customization exorbitant.

A user may explore the use of Reporting tools such as Orqubit Business Intelligence or EasyReports which extract data from Tally and allow the user to create reports on the fly. These tools would allow complex reports to be made from a single data repository by the user himself which would provide a good ROI.

To understand how you can enable salesperson reports in Tally.ERP9 please contact us for a free evaluation and advisory service.

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