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User Guide
Transform Tool

User can search photos from here. On selecting the search button user will get the expanded left panel and able to search image.

  • Rotation: User can rotate the selected element using this tool. Click and hold down the mouse and move the mouse, the element will rotate accordingly.
  • Scale: User can scale the element. Click and hold down the mouse and drag diagonally.
    If you don’t want to make the scale without aspect ratio then press and hold down the shift key from keyboard while dragging the mouse.
    If you want to scale the image from top left corner instead of scaling from center then press and hold down the ALT key from keyboard while draging the mouse.
  • Delete: User can delete any selected element.
  • Clone: User can clone any selected element.
  • Multiple Selection:You can select multiple item either by marquee selection or by selecting a single element then hold down the shift key and select another one.
Search Images

User can search photos from here. On selecting the search button user will get the expanded left panel and able to search image.

  • Click on the search button. If the left panel not expanded it will expanded and user will get the search box here. Search using your desired keywords and user will get a list of images based on the keyword.
  • On top of the panel user will get the image type (S-Small, M-Medium, L-Large and XL-Extra large). By default XL is selected. Choose the image type as per your design requirement by selecting the radio button.
  • Type keyword in the input box and press Enter key from keyboard. You will get the list of images here.
  • User can choose the image view option. i.e., 3 at a row, 2 at a row or single image at a row.
  • On every image there is a price of that image and also info about the image.
  • Clicking on the ‘i’ (info) button you will get the details of a particular image.
  • Every image has drag drop ability. User can drag any image from the list to the canvas area.
Art Toolbox

Art toolbox contains several tools which can help to create the design.

  • Background Color: User can change the background color of the design.
    On clicking on the Color button you will get another panel of predefined colors. You can choose any of them and it will change the background color of the canvas.
    You also open the color palette using “Open Color Palette” button. Color palette will open.
    Color palette also has few options of colors. The vertical panel shows different color and user also get the different shades of a particular color here. User also able to type the hex, rgb and cmyk code of a particular color and the background of the canvas will change accordingly. To remove the color palette click the ‘X’ mark of the Color panel.
  • Text: This feature will allow the user to insert text into the design.
    Click on the Text button. Text insertion box will appear. Write the text and click on “Add Text” button. The text will appear on the canvas area.
  • Shapes: User can draw various shapes like Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, Polygons and lines.
    To add shape into the canvas area, click on the shapes button, a dropdown option with various shapes will appear and you can select any one of them.
    To close the shapes dropdown click on the Shape tool button again.
  • Layers: Layers showing the list of element added in the canvas according to the placement. If user placed a shape then an image, user will get the list of canvas elements here, first shape and then the image will appear.
  • Group: User can select the multiple canvas elements and group together. Selecting multiple objects either by marquee selection of the canvas elements or by selecting a single element then hold down the SHIFT key and click on another object.
  • Ungroup: A group object can be ungrouped by selecting this tool.
  • Grid: Grid contains 3 types of grid Large, medium and small. Grid is useful to align the canvas elements. Grid also has a snap feature to align the object in the middle of the canvas in both vertically and horizontally.
Art Upload

User can upload their own images. The images will be displayed in this section. Then you can drag the image from this panel to canvas to use the image in your design. On each image, there is a ‘I’ icon, on clicking on this icon a popup will appear. You can add description, keyword (which can be useful on searching the image in Community section), price and Share (Community or Group).
Submit the information about the image and it will store for future use.

My Portfolio

This section displayed your previous projects.

  • Click on the projects, if you use any image in this project. The list of image will appear below the project section.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon, you will get an alert to reload the previous project into the current one.

User will get the list of the image upload by other user if those images have been shared in the Community. Image can be drag and drop in the canvas and use for design purpose.


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